About Us

About Us

Polycrome has pioneered high quality electrical products, lighting and cable management systems since its inception in 1980. Polycrome’s mission started with the prudent question by the Founder, Chairman & Managing Director Mr D.W. Paranavithana – “Why can’t we manufacture this in Sri Lanka?”. Under his leadership, Polycrome pioneered many electrical products in Sri Lanka, such as the revolutionary long-lasting switch & socket mounting box that replaced the traditional wooden box, the white ceiling rose, MCB enclosures and white cable management systems. Polycrome has driven the introduction of new products & concepts to the electrical industry and strives to meet evolving customer requirements. The Research and Development team led by Mr D.W. Paranavithana ensures innovation and product development is in line with the needs of the end-user and this has been imperative to the Company’s success. Polycrome continues to identify gaps in the market and respond to feedback from opinion leaders through high quality ‘Made in Sri Lanka’ products. Local manufacture of such products enables Sri Lanka to retain currency and talent through a team of almost 300 Sri Lankans who are proudly associated with a pioneering Sri Lankan brand.

Another mission cherished by Mr D.W. Paranavithana was to embed a quality culture into the core value system of the Company. All team members at Polycrome believe in offering high-quality products that are safe and reliable to the Sri Lankan market. It also educates end-users to help mitigate the risks associated with inferior quality electrical products at lower price points which can be life-threatening. This “quiet quest for quality” has earned the trust of opinion leaders and consumers over four decades.Polycrome values following local & international standards to ensure consistent customer satisfaction.

It operates to applicable ISO standards and engages with regulating bodies such as the Sri Lanka Standards Institution (SLSI) to ensure relevant certifications are obtained and conformity standards are met for products and processes. Polycrome continues to collaborate with the authorities to introduce and improve quality standards, which advertently raises the industry’s quality standards and benefits the end-users.

Polycrome is also committed to minimizing environmental impact through efficient and long-lasting products while continuously improving the sustainability of its operations and influencing the value chain to protect their communities and planet. For example, it has removed all possible single-use plastics from packaging and established a solar power generation capability to provide clean energy to the national grid.

The co-founder Mrs D.S.D. Paranavithana has instilled an important value within the Polychrome team, discipline. She believes this is an essence for the team working together through dignity & respect to overcome challenges. She has also enabled the availability of Polycrome products to customers by earning the trust of an island wide sales network. The Company has a strong progression plan in place as the Board of Directors consists of the second generation that works hand-in-glove with Mr & Mrs Paranavithana, are committed to the strategy and the core values of Polycrome and fully engaged with the senior leadership team. Both the Operations Director & the Director of Finance are high-calibre professionals and achieved successful careers on their own merit at FTSE 100 companies.

         To light the future of our customers

  • Sustain safety and quality of our electrical products & services
  • Develop our people and processes to innovate and meet evolving customer needs
  • Promote sustainability of our environment and communities
  • Establish Polycrome as a pride of Sri Lanka

We are committed to supplying innovative and high quality electrical products to delight our valuable customers. 

We are dedicated to train and develop our team to create a conducive environment with integrity.

We abide by the law, comply with regulatory requirements and strive to meet national and international standards while continually improving our management system.

Our History

January 1976

January 1980

November 1984

The 1st Innovation

As the 1st innovation, Plastic Switch & Socket Mounting Box was introduced as a replacement for the Traditional Wooden Box.

January 1985

January 1986

January 1987

Polycraft Engineering setup

Engineering Workshop was established to fabricate the injection mould tools required for upcoming product developments, at Rattanapitiya where the current Head Office is located.

January 1992

January 2003

January 2006

January 2010

January 2012

January 2012

January 2013

January 2015

January 2017

January 2018

January 2020